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Training for Resilience

  • Recertifying and Upskilling Experienced Individuals with Existing Competencies

  • Creating Teams of Expertise Around Critical Job Functions, Roles, and Knowledge in Preparedness, Response, Recovery

  • Engaging Citizens and Communities in Strategic Disaster Risk Reduction

Demonstrating Resilience

  • Using Existing Assets, Facilities, Infrastructure - and New Assets in Design or Construction - as Platforms for Demonstrating Technologies, Equipment, Integrated Systems for Resilient Built-Environments

  • Leveraging Facilities - at Educational Institutes, Civic and Community Entities, and Among Employers-Industry - to Conduct Training, Exercises, Internships, Apprenticeships

Sparking Resilience

  • Encourage Entrepreneurial, Innovative Resilience Job and Company Formation By Aligning Workforce and Talent Supply

  • Engage with Resilience-Oriented Preparedness Organizations and Public Sector Program Offices for Small Businesses, Low-to-Moderate Income Communities, and Persistently Impacted Economic "Engines"


National Director - Resilience Citizens Corp Initiative Bonnie Canal, MBCP - is an internationally recognized leader in both community and business resilience innovations and strategies. She is the founder and Managing Partner of The Resiliency Institute, LLC (TRI) and leads her team in creating comprehensive solutions for organizations by understanding the role they play in community preparedness and resiliency. Bonnie continues her resiliency consulting for organizations, communities, and non-profits while traveling the US engaging in the conversation at the community level. She is a proud native of New Orleans and has experienced what she calls, “The Katrina, Rita, Ike, Gustav, and BP Oil Spill” disasters firsthand. Bonnie has worked in the field of Community Resiliency for 15 years and while bringing her for 30 years of work experience within the Information Technology Sector. As a business leader, Bonnie has had to learn how resilience must play an active role in any professional’s life. Thus, the need to develop her “Resilience as a Habit”, “Creating a Culture of Resilience” and “Thinking Without a Box” programs. She is also a FEMA approved instructor and through the University of Hawaii; and teaches Community Resilience; Flooding Hazards: Science & Preparedness, Hurricane Awareness; and Planning for Debris Management (of which she co-authored). Across the country she is well known for her energetic and informative presentations in Resilience, Business Continuity and Disaster Preparations and Recovery. She also is a Lead Instructor for the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) for their Business Continuity and Pandemic Classes. Bonnie holds the DRI Master Business Continuity Professional certification and was awarded the DRI 2020 Program Leader of the Year Non-Profit Sector for her work with

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